Have you been mis-sold a pension?

Right now, Independent Financial Advisers are facing a flood of complaints about mis-sold pensions. The Financial Conduct Authority recently found that many customers have been poorly advised on their pensions by the banks and IFAs, and thousands of people are taking steps to claim their money back.

Unsuitable financial advice can come in many forms but usually, it is as a result of the client not having the risks and potential downsides of a financial transaction explained to them properly, meaning they did not really understand what they were getting involved in and what could go wrong. If this had been properly explained to them, they would not have gone ahead with the transaction or followed the advice which had been given.

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If you feel you may not have been advised properly and/or your pension fund has been transferred into Self Invested Pension Plan investing in high-risk sectors then it’s worth giving us a call since we do not charge any upfront fees and work on a no win no fee basis.

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